Ready to go
Pencil on paper (11"x8") 1999. Raleigh NC.

I was getting frustrated for not being able to find time to paint in my busy schedule. But suddenly a few days ago it dawned on me that I don't need to work only on big canvases or sketches. I can work on a smaller scale and try to find time here and there. Result is this alert tiger. He has just heard some sound which he wants to investigate. The sound has grabbed his attention and he is focussed on it. Almost ready to get up, foreleg muscles are tightening to spring the great body of the tiger into action, if need be. His eyes and ears are focussed on the source of the sound, collecting and analyzing audio visual information as it comes and the sharp brain is ordering his body to be Ready To Go. Although it's possible that he may not have to get up!