It Might Rain
 Pencil on paper (24"x18"). 1998 Raleigh, NC.

While studying in Columbia, South Carolina towards my Master's in Computer Engineering degree, I took lot of pictures of Canada geese . I really like there expressions and social behavior. How they interact with each other, the way they walk and they are so flexible. I recently had the opportunity to visit the North Carolina Zoological Park in Ashboro NC. I was able to observe a big group of wild geese in their near natural habitat. I watched them for almost two hours. Some geese were cleaning themselves, reaching impossible places by twisting and turning their flexible necks. Some geese were fighting with each other. Some were taking a nap. It was beautiful. I learnt a lot. I learnt about their feathers, how it shines in the light. How it confirms to the shape of the goose's body.   I had to be careful while drawing the neck because you have to capture the flexibility in the neck. Depending upon the position it's in, it changes shape. It can be stretched out and thin or compressed and thick. They have big beautiful alert eyes. I still have to draw the rain clouds and these geese are standing there to welcome the rain, as they have sensed that It Might Rain. I have done some more work and only the rain clouds remain. The new picture shows all three geese.