Oil on canvas (30"x36") 1997. Raleigh, NC.

The golden eagle in this painting is carrying food for his offspring. The expression on the eagle's face shows him to be a responsible parent who doesn't eat his food before taking it to the family first. I really liked working on this painting. It's fairly detailed and the branches go deep into the painting. I like the serene atmosphere and the silent flight of the golden eagle. I had already moved to Raleigh. North carolina when I started work on this painting.  I was able to take walks during lunchtime and observe the bark (key ingredient of this painting after the eagle) of the local trees like pine, birch etc. I can keep looking at the bark for hours. It makes you admire nature for it's creativity. I am fascinated by the golden eagle also. It's coat is amazing, feather's arranged in interesting combination. The power in his body and the dignity and the discipline, the sharpness in the eyes, the determination and the ability to focus all his energies on the target to achieve what he wants. amazing!!. We can learn a lot from nature and it's creation, each unique in it's abilities, ready to teach to the one who is eager to learn. May be over the next few days relax and go for a walk in a wooded area and watch the sun dance around the vegetation,  watch lights and shadows moving with the wind. let wind blow through your hair and then take a deep breath and thank god for what you are. A miraculous creation of nature.