Lord Shiva

Mixed media on canvas (60"x48"). 2013. Dallas TX

Lord Shiva - The most enigmatic - The god of ambiguity, paradox, contradiction. He has the ferocity to destroy the universe but meditates with the calmness of a yogi. This is the challenge I faced when I sat down to compose my first Shiva painting:How to portray both extremes. I used the tiger head to project ferocity and the Trident behind the meditative Shiva to signify his battle readiness. With the third eye, the crescent moon, the Ganges, serpent, rudraksh, ash covering and so much more, Lord Shiva offers unlimited opportunities to an artist. I will continue to explore them. On the auspicious day of MahaShivRatri, here is my first Shiva painting.
  Lord Shiva Meditating